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Success Stories

“My coaching sessions with Dee were pivotal in sharpening my strategic thinking skills. I can now better anticipate market trends and develop forward-thinking strategies. My coach helped me refine my vision for the company, leading to innovative initiatives that have driven our growth and competitiveness."

- Joanna Borgion,Director, Strategic Planning, FCB

"My work with Dee has been transformative. The depth of the work that she and I get done goes to the heart of how I think, perceive, and act. Dee helped me to see that leadership is not just about my job: it’s about who I am. I have learned to see myself more congruently—what I do at work, who I am at home, what leaders do."

- Quinn Davis,Director of Operations, Chevron 

"Before my executive coaching sessions with Dee, I struggled with assertive leadership and decision-making. Through insightful sessions and personalized strategies, I've become a more confident and decisive leader. My team's performance and morale have noticeably improved, and I'm now effectively steering our projects towards success."

- Samantha Wright, Senior Designer, Twilio

"I highly recommend Dee as a leadership coach. In our work together, she provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes, and plans of action to enable successful growth, change, and resilience."

- Sandy Wiiliams, Director of Product Management, Wells Fargo

"Dee is Amazing ! Her ability to connect and humility to listen and understand are phenomenal . She has made a terrific impact on me. Recommend to her anyone and everyone !"

-  Victoria Dsouza, Director of Marketing, Colgate

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