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Leadership Presentation

Dee Allen

Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator


About Dee

Cultivating Leaders who Inspire, Motivate and Transform

Dee is an executive and leadership coach, consultant and facilitator committed to developing leaders and helping to improve the programs that impact the employees in their organizations. Dee partners with you to define your goals, assess the barriers, and clear the path to effective change.

Personal Coaching and Consulting with a Focus on:

Leadership Coaching

Team Coaching

Leadership Consulting

Leadership Facilitator

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting



Work with Dee


Hear from Dee's past clients:

Joanna Borgion
Director, Strategic Planning, FCB

“My coaching sessions with Dee were pivotal in sharpening my strategic thinking skills. I can now better anticipate market trends and develop forward-thinking strategies. My coach helped me refine my vision for the company, leading to innovative initiatives that have driven our growth and competitiveness."

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Thank you for your interest in Dee Allen's Consulting N Coaching. Dee will respond to your message soon!

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